Wireless Technology Proposal

Published: 2021-07-01 08:51:02
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Starting a business can be challenging as well as rewarding. Implementing the use of modern, relevant technology will help promote success within the business. Wireless devices can be used to help with achieving and maintaining that success. There is a vast array of wireless devices available to choose from. It is important to know which of these would be most useful for the party plate business. With research, it has been determined that party plates would benefit most from modern cell phones and the Apple IPAD.
We recommend that each employee be provided a cellular phone and also an Apple IPAD for business purposes. Attached is a detailed proposal that addresses the pro’s and cons of incorporating these two devices. We will justify the decision of choosing the devices and our research and data will break down the economical concerns associated with implementing this plan of action. In conjunction with my team, we have deliberated and decided upon two wireless technologies that would be beneficial to administer in the Party Plates organization.
We have decided to implement the usefulness of Apple iPads & Blackberry phones into our company to streamline business. The iPad offers apps that eliminate paper-based processes that give you realtime information, and improve efficiency of common office activities. iPad gives you immediate access to important files. Utilizing easytouse business apps on iPad, you can review and edit Microsoft Office and iWork files, fine-tune presentations, and annotate PDFs. iPads allows you to continue working on important projects even when you’re away from your desk.

Using an iPad simplifies all your business-critical tasks, whether it’s managing inventory, tracking shipments, or invoicing clients. With iPad and apps from the App Store, get equipped with ready-to-go solutions to keep your operations on course. iPad is also an incredible mobile sales tool to help you manage all your customer relationships. With its wireless connectivity, iPad gives you on-the-spot access to your CRM database for customer information, sales data, and task lists.
In addition to the iPad, our team chose to incorporate the Blackberry phone as a wireless mobile device as well. The advantages of giving your employees a blackberry as a business device allows users to make phone calls, send emails, look at and send documents, text messages and pictures, and record and listen to voicemails from anywhere in the world. The business benefits of these devices have led some companies to purchase a plan for every employee. This has led some companies to see an increase in employee efficiency and happiness.
With a company Blackberry, an employee can conduct business when outside of the office. Mobile access to communications and information helps you respond promptly to inquiries and address customer concerns immediately, enhancing their satisfaction. Access to up-to-date information helps you capitalize on business opportunities virtually whenever and wherever they arise. Technology has many benefits to a business; however there are also many potential disadvantages. One important benefit for a bus to use wireless technology is to save money.
Wireless Technology regulates the need for employees to come into the office. For example, if there is a meeting that would involve several employees in different locations it would save the company money to not have to pay for travel expenses. It is an advantage for employees to use their company phones. Wireless communication increases communication by receiving information faster. Wireless communication allows employees to be easy to contact when on the move. Most of all there is no need for cords.
On the negative side of wireless technology, many businesses depend on electronic systems and operation for the company can come to an immediate standstill if the software crashes or the system goes down. Second, software is constantly changing and needing upgrading and technical support could be time consuming. Security can be an issue; unauthorized people can attack wireless technology. The mobile speed is not as fast as a desktop computer, and sometimes servicing can be expensive. As our business Party Plates continues to emerge we will continue to require advancement in our technology.
Wireless technology plays a huge role in the way we facilitate our day to day business. Some of the latest additions to our wireless devices are such as the cell phone and I-pad. These wireless devices will ensure our employees not only have a variety but flexibility alike. Our management team and sales associates are finding it not only convenient but it helps with their overall productivity of our products for several reasons. First, wireless technology allows our employees the opportunity to be productive and use their time that was formerly being wasted.
A good example would be, most employees commute to work on public transportation. The commute allows them the time to research new and innovate ways and ideas to help continue the growth of our company or complete unfinished assignments. Secondly, because our employees or able to take their devices with them, their work locations are much more flexible. Another great advantage to upgrading to wireless technology is that it allows our employees the opportunity to allocate their work time around their personal obligations.
The following is a spreadsheet to track hardware and software requirements. In conclusion, you can see the company will successfully meet goals, and provide a more substantial way of communication for all staff. After carefully reviewing the operation of Party Plates a modern relevant and sufficient technology to consider are cell phones and the up to date IPAD 2. Our team would gladly assist your company to moving forward with a wireless way of communication. Reference: http://us. blackberry. com/business/types/small/SolutionsBrochure_V5. pdf

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