Work Makes Life Sweet by Bell Hooks

Published: 2021-07-01 08:36:17
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Work Makes Life Sweet by Bell Hooks is one of my favorite essay on the book Presence of the others. The commitment and passion to work is best described in this essay. The right livelihood is not according to the money you earn out of work but on the enjoyment you get out of working. Most people today are after the compensation one can get from working. In this fast changing world, it is important to earn money through hard work. From the black community, Work makes life sweet for them. This is a viewpoint in life that motivates one to succeed.
They took pride in a job well done. Rather than working just for money. Work should be a vocation where a person's true calling lies in. Many people are working to acquire money and buy necessities. This is the wrong notion about work. The right livelihood according to the author is the capacity of the individual to have determination and perseverance to work. We work to enjoy the skills and abilities bestowed to us. An individual's duty is to make the most out of what talent is given to us. Every goal that a man wishes to endeavor comes at the right time and with great purpose.
In my own case I do non academic activities rendering community service. By doing charitable acts, I can help other people and enjoy my talent as well. I teach young kids to draw and plant trees. In this way my life is sweeter because I am working for a cause. It is important to have commitment, love and passion for work because a person in love is really sweet. Plan your work and work your plan. Goals are intended to be achieved through hard work. This makes life extra special because you enjoy and earn at the same time. Work makes life sweet because it enhances our skills and make us earn for a living.

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