How Do Abusers Think?

Sex abusers go through 4 hurdles of mental gymnastics before offending

  1. Motivated to offend
  2. Overcome internal inhibitors – conscience
  3. Overcome external inhibitors – other people – namely those in the family and social network surrounding the targeted child.
  4. Overcome victim resistance – the abuser needs to know he/she has executed effective grooming to ensure the child’s trust , confidence and ability to stay silent with “ their little secret”

Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks are unreliable because they only prove people have NOT been caught and charged.  It does NOT prove someone is not an abuser. The worrying truth is that the majority of adult abusers DO NOT have a criminal record. A ‘police check’ is no guarantee of anything other than a person has not been convicted of an offence. Not having a record is not necessarily a reliable indicator that a person is safe to work with children.

Most paedophiles start thinking about and begin actively abusing at the frighteningly young age of fourteen. Most abuse is never reported.

Some Police forces admit to having “lost” abusers who are, theoretically, being monitored. The abuser may fail to register the correct address, the address (real or false) may not get checked and/or the abuser moves to a different address, a new area or perhaps even goes abroad.