Penny is an English model and photographer and best known for her modelling and TV work and her marriage to Rod Stewart.

She first became aware of Enough Abuse UK at her children's school when attending an event on the Prevention of Child Abuse. As a result Penny agreed to become Patron and help to further establish the charity as one of the leading organisations focused on the prevention of child abuse.

Founder and CEO

Founder of Enough Abuse UK

Following a Police investigation into the sexual abuse of her three boys in 2002 Marilyn created training programs to educate those with a duty of care over children on how to recognise an abuser's behaviour after realising there were many signs she not understand.

Marilyn is a former Head of Music at one state and two independent schools, Vice chairman of Governors for nine years at a C of E aided school.  She became involved professionally in child sexual abuse from 2003.

BBC Radio and TV, BBC local radio stations, Sky News, ITN, LBC are the most likely places where you will hear Marilyn delivering pragmatic views about child abuse.

We are delighted to welcome Andy to our organisation to assist our campaign to prevent child abuse in sport.  Andy is a former footballer who was sexually abused by his coach and has been in the media recently following his recent disclosure of the abuse he suffered as a child.

His drive and determination to change attitudes in relation to preventing child sexual abuse will enable EAUK to continue its goal of removing abuse from all sports.


Paul is one of those people who has survived Childhood Abuse and made a success of his life.  His primary work is in Mental Health, he is also acknowledged as a Motivational Coach and Event Organiser.


Rebekah recently disclosed her abuse as a child which was published in the national press.  She let it be known she wished to play a role in supporting charities who focused on the prevention of child abuse.  After an initial communication on Twitter she agreed to become the lead ambassador for our charity.  She also supports another charity 'Young Minds'.

Rebekah wishes to play an active role once her next child has been born.  She is married to footballer Jamie Vardy.

Lee is a former 5 x World Kickboxing Champion who has successfully made the transition into the Movie Industry. Being a student of the legendary Benny The Jet Urquidez, Lee found himself on the movie set working alongside Benny and various Hollywood actors.

Lee supports Enough Abuse UK in reducing child abuse.

Rachel is a team leader in law firm Slee Blackwell's specialist Abuse department; helping victims of abuse obtain compensation.  Rachel has a degree in Psychology from the University of Warwick combining this with her legal qualifications and practical experience to give her a valuable insight into the issues central to abuse litigation.

In March 2016 Rachel was presented with the Devon and Somerset Legal 'Hero' of the Year Award by BBC legal expert Joshua Rozenberg for her work in the field of abuse law.  She was commended for her exceptional dedication and commitment.


Clive is a former senior Metropolitan Police officer with a long history investigating child abuse claims within the establishment. Clive says his inquiry into 1980's London Children's Homes was "all too uncomfortable for a lot of people. His inquiry into the Stephen Lawrence murder resulted in the conviction of two of the killers.  Clive along with Enough Abuse UK are participants on the Victim Rights Forum.

Keri is a Forensic Psychologist involved in Policing and Crime Research, consultancy and Television.  She is a director of SAVERA, a Domestic Abuse and Harmful Practice charity and Tri-Psychological Services Ltd .

Peter is Principal of Simpson Millar Legal firm and the President of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.  He has been helping victims of child abuse since 1994.  Peter has also supported Enough Abuse UK for many years.

Perry is a director of Working Capital Partners Ltd who provide flexible invoice finance.  As a small charity with little capital his service has been on of the key factors in our becoming an established charity.

Richard is a Principal Lawyer and Head of the Abuse Department at Slater & Gordon Lawyers. He has been representing abuse survivors since 1995, is a founder of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL) and is ranked as a "Leader in the Field" of serious injury law in Chambers Independent Legal Guide. He has represented survivors in many leading cases and has written and lectured extensively on abuse law including authoring or co-authoring 5 books. Richard has written and campaigned in favour of mandatory reporting of abuse.

Lucy has been based in Dubai for the last 9 years. She is an accomplished HR Professional and Business Advisor with 20 years extensive multi industry experience.  She demonstrates commitment to strengthening leadership within an organisation and is passionate about making a positive impact on the organisation and the people within it.