NOW I understand how grooming works; I have now the confidence to protect my child; I had no idea how naive I was until this workshop; WHY has nobody ever before offered us this information!;  this workshop was HUGELY informative and not scary; the workshop was in fact so thorough and practical and yet entertaining ; I have learnt how to respond to my gut instinct; the work shop was so easy to understand although difficult to hear BUT I am now armed with confidence;  EVERYONE needs to sit in on one of these workshops; What I have learnt has been invaluable; I 100% and MORE recommend this training for ALL; Remarkably the workshop helped me understand my OWN childhood abuse and for the first time I spoke about it !!; I will be monitoring Internet use and access MUCH more; I had never heard of any of the websites or games mentioned and I will now be watching!! I know now how to talk to my children about the Internet and phones