The best course on CP I have EVER attended; All other courses are too much focused on reporting and legislation this course told me what I need to know to do my job more effectively; fantastic course; It was way beyond my expectation truly excellent; I have been 10 years as a child health worker and never knew this information; it was pragmatic, thorough and highly useful and incredibly interesting; If all our courses were this good we would attend one every week! I cant believe there was AT LEAST 65% NEW INFORMATION! AMAZING and right up to date; surpasses all other CP established training; TOTALLY different and far more informative than any level 1 to 4 training; I will now be far more aware now I understand about BEHAVIOURS; I learnt SO much and had fun doing so; a passionate and REAL course; ALL schools and staff need this workshop; As a Head teacher I am embarrassed to admit how little I ACTUALLY knew which is clearly so relevant to prevention; ALL other courses “ gloss” over what this one faces and challenges!; Sadly I KNOW in the past I have seen these behaviours and NOW know what I was witnessing