Media Testimonials

Everybody needs to know how to recognise abuse. It's the only way it's ever going to stop. Abusers are 'extremely clever' (as in duplicitous), as well as patient. They can wait years for their targets,.I know because I was abused. It was a long time ago, yet even today education is sadly lacking. Too many people THINK they would know when a child is being abused. Truth is that most haven't got the first clue. Because they don't see it they think it doesn't happen. This is how abusers 'get away with it'.

Marian - Scotland

Saw Marilyn on interviews with the BBC tonight and her excellent, practical, common sense approach plus the delivery of a very positive message. As a retired police officer of 30 years experience, I have never seen anyone deliver such an impactive interview via the media on this subject.

TL - London

I was fortunate enough to see you interviewed on BBC News 24. For the first time I finally heard someone who spoke sense on the subject of child abuse especially when it came to grooming. In reality, I believe grooming is prolific in our society and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Sexual abuse is so ingrained in some families, they normalise it, hence never going to report so we never get a full picture.

MT - London

Marilyn, I first contacted you back in 2006 after hearing you speak on Southern Counties Radio. I told you of our situation, which had just been disclosed to me by my niece. She was abused by my adopted father. You gave me courage and great advice and how to cut ties with the parents. I took your advice and made the phone call.

My niece is now 26 and has found happiness. We have been praised for our courage in seeing it through and just wanted you to know my journey started the day I contacted you. Knowing you were there to give me advice and courage to do what I had to do was the help I needed

Thank you for helping many many people in a similar position.

LM -  Brighton