What we do

‘If you can’t recognise grooming you
can’t protect children from sexual abuse’

Grooming is the preamble to sexual abuse and is a recognisable behaviour.  Exactly the same applies to children who suffer from abuse. We provide the education to enable delegates to recognise grooming and as a consequence prevent child sexual abuse from happening.

Our training and consultancy operation is focused on education into grooming, the preamble to many forms of abuse. This knowledge enables all those with a duty of care to better protect children by building resilience within a child to resist inappropriate behaviour.

'The impact of Child Sexual Abuse need not be a life sentence’

Enough Abuse offers children, parents, teachers and those with a duty of care, advice and guidance on all matters of Child Sexual Abuse.  As survivors of child sexual abuse, we know and understand what help and support the abused need to fulfil their opportunities..

Enough Abuse works with many specialist organisations in this field and acts as a signposting organisation to make sure the correct support is available.


We provide a range of resources to keep you informed, better education helps prevent abuse.

"It doesn't happen here is not a good strategy...it probably already has.


HearMe creates a platform for you to raise a concern and receive the support you need to validate or negate the concern within 48 hours.

In addition if a concern is validated you access the support services you need securely online.

Having a voice

A child should be listened to.  We aim to give everyone a voice.

Sometimes it is difficult to talk with people you do not know or trust.  If this is the case you can use our secure chat facility or use your internet device to record your concerns and upload them into HearMe .