Who are we?

Enough Abuse UK is a Registered Charity, with the sole aim of reducing the incidence of Child Sexual Abuse.  Its training and consultancy operation is focused on the education of grooming, the preamble to sexual and other forms of abuse.

This knowledge enables all those with a duty of care to be able to better protect children by recognising a threat and preventing abuse before it begins.  The knowledge when delivered to children builds their resilience to resist inappropriate behaviour directed at them.

Enough Abuse UK works across the UK and Europe whilst building relations with the US.  This means we can share programs and increase effectiveness across the EU and access support and knowledge from the USA.

The founder of Enough Abuse UK , Marilyn Hawes, was a music teacher whose sons were sexually groomed and assaulted by their Head Teacher, a close family friend. Using her professional and personal experience Marilyn delivers education on how to recognise Grooming, the preamble to Child Sexual Assault.

Marilyn supports an extraordinary team of Directors, Trustees, Patron & Ambassadors, Consultants and Supporters all focused on the goal of reducing the incidence of Child Sexual Abuse.

People ask why Jimmy Savile managed to abuse so many people without being reported to the Police. The answer is simple.  We were not educated on what Savile's peculiar behaviour told us about him.  Consequently they did not have the confidence to report what they saw.

Enough Abuse UK is different because we focus on demonstrating the behaviours of an abuser and the abused, creating a visual memory, enabling children, parents, teachers plus all those with a duty of care of children to easily recognise Grooming.

Enough Abuse UK delivery style is VERY different and unique to our organisation. Grooming is not a finite object...it is an experience. The impact of grooming has a devastating impact.

Knowledge regarding child sexual abuse is a dark subject which we would all rather avoid. However, we ALL have a duty of care for the safe keeping of children in our society.  Avoiding this topic allows the crime to flourish.

Make a donation or become a volunteer and help us to remove this blot on our society.