Why Does it Happen?

The reason is two-fold (1) available information fails to clearly identify the very real threat posed by abuse; and (2) parents’ knowledge is incomplete and/or inaccurate.

The problem is compounded because, invariably, establishments that house paedophiles close ranks when issues are exposed. This is unacceptable for many reasons but mostly because it fails to address the problem or support the child, the family or even the paedophiles themselves.

Parents who realise the prevalence of child abuse and can recognise paedophiles’ behaviour are better able to protect their children. However, we should remember that some parents are also abusers.

It is unrealistic to expect schools, the traditional Child Protection Agencies and the Police to have sole responsibility for this. All parents and any adults who work with children must also take a positive stance to protect them.

People who abuse children should receive an appropriate custodial sentence and relevant rehabilitation regardless of their position in society.